DVCR’s Lead Site Model™

  • Receive rapid and valuable protocol evaluation and input from Clinicians and Investigators on the final study design, eligibility criteria as well as establish a guaranteed partnership committed to the critical FSFV milestones.
  • Highly experienced Study Management team focuses on the importance of all functional area logistics in study setup (pharmacy, clinical procedures, laboratory operations and data collection) leading to reduced protocol deviations and improved data quality.
  • DVCR's rapid and transparent communication facilitates collaboration and coordination among all participating sites. This allows us to make critical decisions quickly, resolve any potential issues and keep the study on track.
  • DVCR has extensive experience working with IRBs and is well-versed in regulations and guidelines required for protocol and investigator submissions. Through our IRB collaboration, we are often able to anticipate and mitigate potential obstacles, thus preventing delays.

Expertise and Specialization

Leverage DVCR’s specialized knowledge with experience in improving study design and implementation as well as ensuring relevant and scientifically sound data.

High-Quality Data Collection

Leverage DVCR’s state-of-the-art technology which leads to more accurate data collection and analysis.

Patient Recruitment and Retention

DVCR has access to a large pool of potential participants. Our study volunteer and patient engagement strategies enhance enrollment and retention throughout the trial.

Standardization and Consistency

Leverage DVCR’s established processes to ensure uniform protocols and procedures across all sites. This uniformity is crucial for the validity of the trial results, as it minimizes variability that can arise from differences in procedures.

Training and Support

DVCR provides training and ongoing support to other sites, ensuring high standards are met. This includes sharing best practices, training staff and providing continuous support to ensure all sites meet the protocol standards.

Improved Communication and Coordination

DVCR’s rapid and transparent communication facilitates collaboration and coordination among all participating sites.

Networking and Collaboration

DVCR’s collaborative approach improves site engagement and helps prioritize your study.