At Dr. Vince Clinical Research, we utilize a forward-thinking model for Phase I studies supported by foundational pillars that completely reimagine research standards. Every inch of our facilities, and every step in our procedures, is intentionally designed, enabled through technology and powered by people. How did we do it? By adopting the 3 most critical components of trial execution that are designed for the future: comprehensive eSource integration, environmental disinfection technology and world-class facilities with luxurious amenities.

1. Comprehensive eSource Integration

You can’t fully leverage the speed and precision of eSource without a comprehensive platform. The very best platforms, like the one found at Dr. Vince Clinical Research, offer a host of new options for data capture and data management:

  • Fast and precise paperless data capture
  • Real-time reporting and analysis using integrated ECGs, vital signs machines, and barcode scanners
  • Remote access for query resolution and investigator review
  • Cloud-based documents with regulation-compliant signatures and blinded data capabilities
  • Comprehensive audit trails open for round-the-clock download and review

The obvious result of this integration is quicker, more precise data sets in addition to an increasingly robust and dynamic documentation system. In fact, eSource has resulted in a nearly 40% reduction in time savings versus traditional data transcription since as early as 2017 (1). At Dr. Vince Clinical Research, we utilize a truly comprehensive, industry-leading eSource platform in a league of its own. Our closed-loop system accelerates results and avoids most delays associated with point of entry or time lag by capturing, verifying and reconciling your data all in one place.

2. Environmental Disinfection Technology

Embracing the future of Phase I goes well beyond just tech integration. The landscape of clinical research has changed significantly since the onset of the COVID pandemic. As such, clinical pharmacology units must embrace rigorous cleaning procedures, advanced disinfection techniques and preventative environmental technologies. These extra layers of precaution and due diligence create a setting that keeps volunteers and personnel safe and your research up and running.

DVCR starts with the basics: daily cleaning procedures, adherence to CDC guidelines, and PCR testing for study volunteers. From there, we take it two steps further with some of the most cutting-edge disinfection and preventative systems available to the industry:

Indigo-Clean® Light Technology

  • Provides environmental disinfection and efficient performance via visible LED light (2).
  • Harnesses Dual-Mode Technology to kill 94% of SARS CoV-2, MRSA, influenza A and harmful bacteria (3).

Highly Filtered, Enhanced Ventilation

  • Quickly removes 100% of the air volume in our research suites
  • Utilizes MERV 8 and MERV 13 filters for all distributed air, capturing >98% of all airborne particulates
  • RTUs manufactured with internal UV lights designed for coil disinfection

On top of this, DVCR maintains 8 private suites, which can be used to isolate volunteers to mitigate the spread of infection. Because of this, we can prevent the early termination of volunteers who only exhibit mild symptoms and allow them to continue in the trial,

3. Luxurious Facilities and Amenities

At DVCR we are designed differently. A big part of that ideology is how highly we value our employees, sponsors, and volunteers. You can see this sentiment at work the second you walk through our doors. You are immediately greeted by environments much more luxurious and welcoming than your typical research setting.

Additionally, the entire DVCR campus features an array of creature comforts, each one thoughtfully planned to enhance the volunteer experience:

  • Sports bar-themed dining area with 9 large TVs
  • Gaming room equipped with state-of-the-art systems
  • VIP lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious seating
  • Private bathrooms and showers

Reimagine the Future of Your Research

Dr. Vince Clinical Research represents the future of Phase I studies. Instead of standing motionless at the edge of innovation, we have led by example through comprehensive eSource integration, environmental disinfection technology, and world-class facilities with luxurious amenities. In doing so, we aim to produce better, faster results for our sponsors and evolve the core clinical research standards.

DVCR is designed differently, embracing the future of clinical pharmacology and reimagining the expectations of early-phase studies. The result is Smarter, Faster Data®.


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